Preparing to share Earth with and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Tim Urban in his blog Wait But Why? deeply explores the implications surrounding the predicted incipient creation of an Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) by computer scientists. It is a very long post in two parts, but well worth the read. Mr. Urban  gives an analysis of what we can expect from the powerful new form of consciousness represented by ASI. There is a great deal of positive potential, but an equal (perhaps greater) potential for devastating outcomes that could eradicate humanity. As I have said before, time to address these crucial issues is right now! Here is one quote from his article:

It’s clear that to be Friendly, an ASI needs to be neither hostile nor indifferent toward humans. We’d need to design an AI’s core coding in a way that leaves it with a deep understanding of human values. But this is harder than it sounds.

Through my own research on this matter, it has become clear that the most likely path to success is a radical raising of human awareness and the embrace values which guarantee the essential dignity of all sentient conscious beings. This means embracing the following ideas:

  • our manifest diversity but also our implicit equality;
  • sober and rational assessment of what it means to be a human;
  • open communication between all conscious stakeholders;
  • shared purpose for humanity as actors on an earthly and eventually galactic stage;
  • recognition of our participation in a unifying erotic process which we call “spirituality”; and
  • A commitment to the joy of ourselves and every, single, other consciousness.

These are values I would like to see any ASI come to understand, embrace, and express. These values should be the standard by which we assess whether or not any entity is worthy of the designation “super intelligent”.

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