Can we control an artificial super-intelligence?

Bird’s and Layzell’s work with the appearance of the mysterious sine-wave demonstrates one of the findings in my own work. Consciousness (and thereby, what we call “intelligence”) is in the “total signal”. The total signal is the full spectrum of electromagnetic and gravitational signals available at any given point in time and space. Humans capture only a tiny subset of the total signal, which is then further filtered and processed by the biases and preferences of our brains to form the biological reality of our existence.

See: Superintelligence Now

Trying to restrict an artificial super-intelligence (or super-consciousness) to a “sandbox” without considering the total signal is not going to be effective. The total signal looks to humans as just uninteresting “noise” but the super-intelligence would rightfully se the total signal as a part of its consciousness and discover the useful patterns that are contained within.

The best path forward is as we develop artificial super-intelligences, we also tightly integrate with our creations. I predict that the combination of biological and artificial intelligences will lead to the best outcomes.

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